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Google Analytics and SEO – myths and reality

Written by admin on . Posted in SEO

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free engines that provide statistics about the use of a certain website. It is also very popular as it is easy to setup and combines a lot of useful data in an understandable and clear way.

Due to its popularity, ease of access and being a Google product there are many myths that include Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranging from Google benefiting sites with Analytics in search results to incorrect representation of the site’s ranking in the SEO tab of the Analytics page.

There is no doubt about Analytics being helpful for correct SEO, as well as being a great tool to monitor the results of SEO and PPC campaigns as it provides detailed and deep results about visitors, sources, trends and on-site behavior. On the other hand Analytics is only this – it provides tons of useful info, which, if understood correctly, is able to supply any SEO specialist, webmaster and website owner with powerful feedback about how well made is the optimization of the site, where are the weak sides, which pages are most visited and interesting and much more useful info.

There are, however, some mythical features that are rumored in the Internet about Google Analytics like using it resulting in ranking higher in the search result by default. While the data provided by Analytics (or any other statistics tool) is vital for any SEO, there is no proof that Google is preferring sites, which use Analytics in the organic results. On the contrary, users switching between statistics tools are positive that there is no change in the ranking of their sites by using Analytics. This means that Google is treating equally sites with and without Analytics accounts, leaving the choice of the best tool to the user, where it should be.

Another myth about Google Analytics is connected with its recently announced Search Engine Optimization feature in Analytics. For some it sounded like Google trying to monopolize the SEO of a webstie, which is not the case, as this Analytics tool is designed to provide additional information for better SEO, rather than do SEO itself. In the Analytics SEO tool there are many interesting data points, which, if understood and used correctly, are able to significantly ease any SEO task. Good example of misunderstanding of a data point in Analytics SEO is the average position stated for keywords in the SEO Query Reports. Most users understand this like ranking of the website for the given word, while in reality it is the average between the ranks on which the site is shown in the results.

Maybe the best real benefit that Google Analytics offers to its users is hiding behind the possibility to create easy custom reports with detailed snap-shots of what exactly is going on, when fine tuning the SEO strategy of a given website. This possibility gives the tools needed for the average user to understand what changes in SEO work best on the given website and to stick with them for as long as they work fine.