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What Plugins make WordPress SEO Friendly?

Written by sterling on . Posted in SEO

WordPress is one of the most popular web creation engines with possibilities including a wide variety of solutions in the range from simple blogs to complex e-commerce developments. It provides webmasters and website owners with numberless tools and plugins to enhance the visitor experience and provide feedback about the visitor behavior on the WordPress website.

Counting more than 120 million WordPress based sites it is no wonder that WordPress is considered one of the most visited site platforms in the world. But popularity means and more competition on search engine results pages, as similar sites on similar platform may be easily passed out for duplicates form search engines. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any WordPress based site, as it adds that needed flavor of uniqueness which search engines prefer. And as WordPress works with plugins to enhance the basic engine, it is obvious that we will need to explore the possible plugins, which may offer better exposure to search engines.

In the vast world of WordPress plugins there are real diamonds to be found, if we are looking for powerful SEO tools. The SEO plugins range from complex solutions like All in One SEO Pack and SEO Ultimate, through specific task oriented plugins for ranking, SEO Friendly URLs, XML Sitemaps, SEO Friendly Images and much more SEO friendly plugins to feast upon., and ending at plugins, which provide feedback on the conducted WordPress SEO.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins is the All in One SEO Pack, which offers extensive optimization options, starting from automatic meta tags and page titles for first time SEO users and reaching customizeable post titles, descriptions, URL structures and tags for advanced users. Goof alternatives for All in One SEO Pack include SEO Ultimate, TGFI.net SEO WordPress Plugin and Platinum SEO Plugin.

WordPress SEO plugins include also many powerful tools, which make the WordPress site even more SEO friendly. One of the best solutions for image optimization is SEO Friendly Images, which adds alt and title attributes to images. Google XML Sitemaps, as the name suggests adds sitemaps to WordPress in xml, which are supported not only by Google, but also by all the big search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, Ask.com and MSN. SEO Title Tag offers powerful tagging options, which are well accepted by search engines, while Automatic SEO Links offers very handy linking of certain words in posts.

Apart form the SEO solutions plugins and the tools making different parts of WordPress more SEO friendly, there is and another powerful group of WordPress plugins, which work as feedback solutions for measuring the results of the SEO enhancements to WordPress sites. Those tools include plugins like SEO Rank Reporter, which generates regular reports on keywords and ranking or SEO Content Control, with its possibilities to sort out weak points in WordPress site content.

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